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Posted By:   Omi
Date:   2013-03-25 07:54:32

An historic snow fall... where are the photos? 


Posted By:   VickieM
Date:   2012-09-14 13:16:25

Well done.

She sure is a sweet bug!!


Congratulations, Chris and Amy!!

Posted By:   Omi
Date:   2012-09-01 13:12:52

I believe the banner photo for Baby Beeson dot com shows only one Baby Beeson... since there is about to be a THIRD Baby Beeson... how about some updates? 

Posted By:   Aunt Kim
Date:   2011-02-22 09:15:42

I am so bored right now. I just thought I would say hi. I love the pics, and Chris: I think the camera is still broken. : )

Posted By:   Nancy, Allyson, Jessica
Date:   2010-04-05 21:37:57

We certainly enjoyed meeting Garrison for the first time.  We also enjoyed seeing what you have done to the house.  The girls enjoyed playing hide and seek with Emmett as well as swinging on the swings and sliding down the slide.  I was so glad to share the photos of your house when it was brand new.  It was also lots of fun with the trips to Joe's for the best food in town and the ice cream trip afterwards.  Can't wait til we are back in town and can do it again. 

Nancy, Allyson and Jessica


Posted By:   Anna Rasmussen
Date:   2010-03-02 21:24:23

I just talked to my Dad (your Great Uncle Calvin) and he said he got your birth announcement and baby picture.  He wanted me to let you know that he does not do the email, but he asked me if I could send you a note.  He does love to play Spider Solitare though and he is real good at that. 

Congratulations on the new baby boy.  Garrison William is a fine name and I know Emmett is already a great big brother.  Lots of love and prayers coming your way. 

Cousin Anna and Uncle Calvin

Posted By:   Derek DeMartino, your student
Date:   2010-02-11 21:13:39

Dear Mrs. Beeson

I hope you are having a good time with Emmett and Garrison. Garrison is so cute! I hope Garrison likes the new blanket we got him. I miss you so much and hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Derek

Posted By:   Omi
Date:   2010-01-25 13:52:34

Is that hand-me-down Camo Garrison is wearing?

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