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Posted By:   Jen Hortiz
Date:   2010-01-20 13:12:41

LOVE the new pics!  Thanks for giving me something to do while my kids are taking a math test!

You are going to ABSOLUTELY love having 2 boys!


Posted By:   Kelly Bartlett
Date:   2010-01-19 16:31:55

Dear Chris, Amy, and Emmett!  Congrats on the new addition!  I hope that Emmett is loving his new position as big brother!  Can't wait to see more pictures!  Maybe I can come meet Garrison soon!

Posted By:   Elaine Conradi
Date:   2010-01-19 16:23:05

congratulations to all   the baby is beautiful Amy hope you are doing ok

Emmett  you are going to be a great big brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and prayers


Posted By:   Christine Branson
Date:   2009-09-23 11:32:34

I am coming over - to SEE the picture of Baby Beeson and THEN I will make a guess... :-)


Do you have names picked out yet?

I miss you guys. Love the pictures of your vacation - what mansion is in the picture? I love the sand box.


Love you - Coming by soon to visit and inquire!!! :-)



Posted By:   Omi
Date:   2009-05-27 09:01:58

Emmett enjoyed his camping trip with daddy for the Beeson Family Reunion so much and has been so wound up since returning.  He not only smells like a camp fire he has developed the distinct smell of hot sweaty little boy.  YUCK!  I got an excited phone call from him Monday morning.  When we got to his house to pick mommy up to attend the gradutaion ceremony, or "Gratulation" as Emmett has been calling it, he stopped Grumpy at the door and told him, "I called Omi on the phone, I did not call you Grumpy, I called Omi!" and then he gave Grumpy that little head bobbing to let him know how ornery he was being. 

Yes, he may be ornery, but my favorite thing to do is "Smooch Emmett!"

Posted By:   OMI
Date:   2009-04-14 09:40:29

Saturday, April 11 the Beesons and Bells gathered for a "work day" at Emmett's new house.  The "boys" were cutting the hole in the basement wall for the walkout door and Grumpy was installing a ceiling fan in Emmett's room.

Emmett had taken a walk with "Aunt" Nikki and when he came home he went into his bedroom and called me, "Omi!" "Omi!" "Come here, Omi!"  He was standing at the door to his room and he had a shocked look on his face and was just staring up at the new ceiling fan.

The "boys" are down in the basement, right under Emmett's room cutting a hole in the basement wall to put in an outside entrance door.  The concrete saw is very loud and noisy.  Emmett just stared up at the fan and asked, "Omi, is that noisy?"  Poor little guy... he thought all that noisy was coming from the new fan.

Posted By:   Kelly
Date:   2008-10-29 14:31:59

I'm so glad to hear that moving went well!  I can't wait to see the pictures!  Emmett, what are you going to be for Halloween?  I hope you do lots of trick-or-treating!

Posted By:   Omi
Date:   2008-10-27 15:43:29

It seems Emmett actually LIKES to be freightned!  I was carrying him into the house and Chris was coming up the basement stairs.  Chris realized we were waiting at the top of the stairs and he started to clomp rather loudly.  Even though Emmett KNEW his daddy was on the way, when Chris mdae it to the top of the stairs and growled at him Emmett jumped! 

He has enjoyed running from room to room in the new house and hiding or having someone hide from him all so we can jump out and yell, "BOO!"  I think he will have a blast when those Tillman girls show up to play hide and seek!

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