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Posted By:   The Tillmans
Date:   2008-10-23 17:53:27

Boy, the house is really looking good.  I vaguely remember those hardwood floors.  I love the ceiling fan.  Keep up the good work.  We can't wait to come and play at Emmett's house.  The girls want to play hide and seek with him again.

Posted By:   Great Aunt Myrna
Date:   2008-05-18 05:50:47

Well that little guy is absolutely adorable!! Love being able to watch him grow! Our love to all of you.........Great Grandpa was right.....he is a keeper!!

Posted By:   Cousin Anna
Date:   2008-05-17 16:33:25

Hello, Amy, Chris and Emmett.  It is so nice to be able to stop by every now and then and see how everyone is doing.  This is such a great idea having this site so friends can stop in and see what has happened lately.  I love stopping by. Keep up the great job of being parents, I can tell you both do great work.  Love and prayers to all,  Cousin Anna, Dallas, TX

Posted By:   Omi
Date:   2008-05-05 14:16:11

This is a story about Cousin Raisinhead, or Felecia as people more commonly know her.  When Felicia was about two-years-old or so she shoved a raisin up her nose.  Her parents, being new at the child rearing game took her to the emergency room where the docs said she would either sneeze it out or it would stay lodged in her nostrel and eventually rot.  They went on to explain she may have bad breath for a while.  Well... Grumpy was Emmett sitting on Friday evening and when Grumpy turned his back for a moment Emmett shoved a piece of hot dog up his nose.  Now this may have seemed to Emmett to be a good idea in the beginning, but he soon became uncomfortable and fussy.  Eventually the hot dog piece worked its way down far enough for Grumpy to get it out.  YUCK!    Hey, Felicia, did you ever get the raisin out?

Posted By:   Stephanie
Date:   2008-05-01 16:29:49

Fun to see Emmett growing up!!  I can't believe you are getting so big!!  I'm still at work (shhhh) and having a blast looking at all the pictures.  Love you guys!!

Posted By:   Kelly
Date:   2008-04-12 19:53:43

I know this is Emmett's page, but I just wanted to remind him to wish his mommy a very happy birthday!!!!

Posted By:   Omi
Date:   2008-03-25 13:42:11

Perhaps someone who knows the Easter Bunny really well could be leaving the ducks.  Llike maybe the "Moore" family... you know, another word of Emmett's is... "Mo" (more)?

Posted By:   OJ, Chris, Lizard
Date:   2008-03-24 22:38:31

We would love to take credit for the rubber duck magic trick, but we can't.  The mystery continues!

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